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Dual light sabers, one light saber, or doubleblad star. Jarkai was originally a style of swordplay that utilized dual blades. You choose the type of lightsaber you initially make and will find one. Some of you might remember the double dualwielding weapons mod from pcgamemods a while back, and have downloaded it. The sith lords, which came out for pc 10 years ago this month. I may have mentioned once or twice that i am a knights of the old republic kotor fanatic. This mod expands the current lightsaber selection to include 59 different hilts. Striking from the shadows, this assassins sneak attack strikes with a doublebladed lightsaber at debilitated enemies for massive damage, leading to a quick and decisive victory. Dual doubleweapons wielding at star wars knights of the. This area of our site is dedicated to showing off which pc mods have been confirmed to be working on the ios platform by either myself, or someone else in our community here. I do not have this game yet but and looking to buy it as soon as i upgrade my computer and i like the way the guardian sounds most because im all about combat but when i play the knights of the old republic i preferably use 2 light sabers but on the old republic website they say that the 2 light sabers is what the sentinel. Due to issues with other websites, theyve requested we take down the files we backed up when they went offline. Knights of the old republic on the pc, a gamefaqs message board topic titled question about dual bladessabers.

In the off chance that now that the game is on steam more people will replay it, decided to make a guide of sorts. Except that with double singles you can wield 2 modified savers whereas a single hilt has the. Unlike the original kotors two possible upgrade slots that were only for crystals, the sith lords has those same two crystal slots plus three. Is dual weilding ever not better than a single weapon. This mod allows you to dual wield double blades all rights reserved. To fix the animation issues with this mod download the darth nihilus animation fix 2. Will the damage delt be higher than if you had 2 weapons and full dual feats. Excluding exile anyway, for me, atton always ends up being stealthy dual blaster wielding sneak attacking badass especially when either my consular or kreia uses stasisinsanity. The character that you play as in kotor can dual wield lightsabers later on in the game. With all new devastating force powers and the ability to dual wield lightsabers, starkiller cuts a swath through deadly new enemies across exciting worlds from the star. Fixed issue where data transfer could not be completed if acquired after. Kotor 2 was probably the first game that ive modded, and made available for others. Ive planned to mod the whole length of the game, but ive run into some troubles when modding dantooine, and later my hdd died the infamous 7200. Avols darth vader at star wars knights of the old republic 2.

Kotor is like the movie we all hoped episode 1 would beenthralling plot, marvelous visuals and voice acting, deep immersion in the galaxys many. I am still on taris and will be for a while, since i am grinding rakghouls until level for sneak attack 7 so i would like to know if i can cross wield a melee weapon and a lightsaber. It is said that dual sabers, or a twobladed one, are better, but i aimed to maximise tohit. Computer use 2, demolitions 3, stealth, persuade 17, repair 10. Star wars kotor 2 lightsaber upgrade guide lightsaber.

As a rough illustration, for a dual wielding knight with 1030 dmg lightsabers and master speed, flurry would do 50150 dmg if all attacks hit. In the endgame, the 2 penalty you get for wielding a normalsized lightsaber in the offhand is so miniscule, its not worth it to sacrifice the extra damage by getting a short one. The twoweapon fighting feat says it should affect all doublebladed weapons, but it doesnt, meaning. Good character builds for beginners in kotor i and ii.

Ive played the game at least half a dozen times, totalling hundreds of hours, with all different classesalignmentsetc. Dueling was more of a factor on kotor 1 because the base attacks for characters were different in kotor 2 all the base attacks are the same, but its useful for the defense bonus for anyone who doesnt focus on melee. Luke skywalker used jacen solos lightsaber in the new jedi order series to rescue jacen early on in. Download torrent star wars knights of the old republic rus. Dual wield is a gunslinger, jedi sentinel, mercenary, and sith marauder ability available for training at level 10. The old republic wiki is a fandom gaming community. Fightning with two doublebladed lightsabers star wars. Full download star wars battlefront 2 demo pc from search results. Stronghold so dual wielding is a waste of time and a feat if youre using a double bladed. The old republic english new player help cannot get dual wield on my jedi knight sentinel. Why more jedi didnt use doublebladed lightsabers youtube. But in the expanded universe several jedi wield duel lightsabers specifically jedi with master in the niman lightsaber combat form.

I chose to make it about character creation because i see a lot of people pick. I know there are some mods that i really enjoy for jedi academy and both kotor and tsl where you can fight with 2 dbl. For example, you can use two doublebladed lightsabers or two rifles at once. Game help hints, walkthroughs, strategies discussion in archive. Dual wield double blades kotor one verision file mod. The dual wielding feats in this game are way too powerful, which makes dual. Knights of the old republic and obsidian entertainments 2004 sequel star wars.

Also, the number of lightsabers wielded was not limited to two, depending on the. Dual wield will give you a more defensive build because you can build two seperate lightsabers with different stats boosting crystals including ones that boost defense. This lets play will encompass the main quest and most larger side quests. This will also fix the walking animation since this mod uses darth nihiluss animations. Further, he will explain why doublebladed lightsabers conflicted with the jedi orders philosophy of lightsaber combat. I have a second lightsaber in my inventory but am unable to equip it. Is there a reason to weild a single lightsaber and get all the single weapon feats. I would like using that vibro sword with a 1720 threat range as well as a jenruaxx2 manteled short lightsaber for extra blaster bolt deflection. How do you get a lightsaber on star wars knights of the. Since it does less damage than the dual sabres or the sith sabre aka staff, most.

Against most enemies, power attack would be the most useful attack for consistency of damage. Welcome to my lets play of star wars knights of the old republic 2 the sith lords. Welcome to our kotor ii lightsaber upgrade guide, a handy table including statistics on every lightsaber upgrade in the game, in an easytoread format so that you can plot out your best combination. If youve tested a mod yourself, and would like to have it added to our list here, please send me an. Kotor 2 mods browse through our selection of mods for the kotor 2 game on the pc.

Cannot get dual wield on my jedi knight sentinel star wars. You put some crystals in a hilt, and the energy generated by the energy cells will go. If you pump strength, doubleblade will end up doing more damage a neglible difference. The game takes place 8 years after kotor2 where you will find the jedi order.

So i dont know how many people are aware of it, but there is a bug between twoweapon fighting and all doublebladed weapons in kotor i. Star wars knights of the old republic 1 and 2 are both available for purchase and download from online game services such as steam. The sith lords in 58 segments across 6 files, completed on june 1 2006. As for kotor 2 i am leaning towards a guardian\weaponmaster with these as my planned starting stats stats str 14 dex 14 con 14 int 8 wis 14 chr 14 i am going to have persuade on both character and more skills on the kotor ii character because of how many paths it opens and you cant solely on your party as much in that game. Even more good news is that this mod has files ready to be installed for both knights of the old republic and knights of the old republic ii. The jedi masters apr 9 2020 released apr 9, 2020 role playing star wars knights of the old republic 3 the jedi masters is the unofficial successor of knights of the old republic 2 the sith lords. Take combat to the next level with the ability to wield dual lightsabers and punish enemies with allnew combo attacks. Either works fine but i usually enjoy dual wielding two lightsabers. These are a set of hd loadscreens for the first knights of the old republic game, made from jackintheboxs high quality ui. If you think that jedi should only use one single lightsaber and that dual wielding and double blades are for heretics then feel free to play the way you like. The sith lords character creation faq ok so here is my first kotor 2 faq. Knights of the old republic ii the sith lords on the xbox, a gamefaqs message board topic titled double lightsaber. Naturally after that i was ecstatic to get my hands on kotor ii.

Discord server got an overviewguide of the upgrades for your lightsaber in star war knights of the old republic 2. Star wars knights of the old republic ii the sith lords online game code. Changing from short to long to single to double is as easy as switching out a hilt. Bastila shan, a character from kotor, uses a doublebladed lightsaber in kotor. Knights of the old republic ii files to download full.

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