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In grecoroman wrestling, it is strictly forbidden to grasp the opponent below the belt line, or to. The objective from here is to take your opponent down, get behind him, and gain control two pt. The nfhs is the national governing body of high school sports. School team district sample school a 1653 1 school b 1653 2 host 20172018 school c 1653 3. Reviewed in the united states on february 19, 2018. Any person having questions about the interpretation of nfhs wrestling rules should. Oac junior high and grade school wrestling rules singlets. I am a level 3 khsaa kentucky high school athletic association wrestling referee. High school wrestling rules part 1 introduction to. High school wrestling point system flashcards quizlet. My phone is usually with me and i can refer back to it when on the go and question come to mind. Middle school wrestling conference meet 12618 youtube. For the 201617 high school wrestling season, attention is being called to. This is the basic high school wrestling point system.

The following five wrestling points of emphasis were selected by the nfhs wrestling rules committee for the 201516 high school wrestling season. Sportsmanshiptogether we make the right call zero tolerance. Grecoroman and freestyle wrestling basically differ as follows. Home school students that reside in ohio are eligible. The most important part of being an official is knowledge of the rules. If the shoes have laces, the laces shall either be taped to the shoe or secured by a locking device on the wrestling shoe in an acceptable fashion. Wrestlers shall wear wrestling ear guards designed by the manufacturer for the sport of wrestling that are rigid and padded,which provide. The weighin procedure was altered through a combination of changes to rule 4 5 weighingin of the wrestling rule book. These rules apply to the type of wrestling done in the united states in college, high school, junior high, middle school, and most youth wrestling. If wrestling is continuing during a match, then nearfall and falls should be awardedearned with no deference to the out of bounds line.

Ohio athletic committee junior high wrestling rules. Once a takedown is earned, the top wrestler will then try to turn his opponent to his back. The nelsoncradle is a new illegal holdmaneuver that is a combination made up of a halfnelson on one side with a locked cradle from around the neck with the far. A complete listing of all rules changes approved by each nfhs winter sports committee will also be available on the nfhs website at click on athletic activities in the sidebar menu on the home page, and then select the sport desired. Collegedivision 1 15pound wrestling titlist from northeast missouri state college. Wash your wrestling shoes at least once a week, and spray the bottom of your shoes with a disinfectant daily. The illustrations do not cover every situation, but they are common situations that referees should recognize. This presentation is intended for officials, coaches and fans as a tool to better view the illustrations found in the rules book. It is too complex for me to explain in a few words. Njgswl was formed in 1996 to fill a need for competitive wrestling that gapped youth and high school programs. In addition, there were an additional 5,527 girls nationwide who participated in wrestling in 200708. The first period starts with both wrestlers standing in the neutral position. A wrestler that reports to the mat wearing either of these is penalized 1point and the injury time clock is started. We will achieve this goal through intense drilling of correct technique and focus on high percentage moves.

Wrestling how to score wrestling catawba county schools. Links to official rulebooks and other helpful information. Clarified when a wrestler shall be awarded penalty points. The rules book and case book manual will be given to you as part of your registration. Freestyle type low cut under the arm, back or chest and tshirt and shorts are illegal. Clarity provided to outofbounds calls in high school wrestling.

Wrestling rules changes 201617 by nfhs on august 24, 2016 wrestling. Inspiring individuals, encouraging excellence through education based athletics. This type of wrestling is often referred to as folkstyle wrestling. Each book contains diagrams of playing areas, official signals, and official interpretations and rulings. Volleyball rules book 100 worst wrestling moments of 2015. Rules and expectations the goal of our program is to produce athletes who are in superior condition and can outlast any opponent using proper technique. Ironically the back flip out of a high single leg defensive position is now illegal in the rule book at both levels.

Becomeanofficial michigan wrestling officials association. The rules for freestyle and grecoroman wrestling, as is done in the olympics and internationally, are a little different. The committee agreed that offensive wrestling should be rewarded, hopkins said. Ohio athletic committee junior high wrestling rules eligibility a wrestler must either reside in ohio or attend an ohio school. Bad time was clarified to include the situations where the wrong wrestler was given choice of. No wrestler is permitted to compete while wearing either of these.

Rules and expectations basha high school wrestling. This rule proposal reinforces the importance of how wrestlers should be. Wrestling practices will be held in the valley view middle school middle gym from 4. Page 59 201617 nfhs wrestling rules 201617 points of. High school associations 2014 wrestling rules changes nfhs wrestling rules each state high school association adopting these nfhs wrestling rules is the sole and exclusive source of binding rules interpretations for contests involving its member schools. Reading the rules book and knowing the rules will make the transition of calling points on the mat a. This is an authoritative guide to the best in wrestling officiating and will assist all officials in maintaining their. National federation of state high school associations. How pro wrestling lost 25% of its audience in 12 months 2015 nfhs boys lacrosse rules book 2014 nfhs boys lacrosse rules book 201617 nfhs volleyball case book and officials manual california rules of court state. If you are a health professional and are intersted in applying for a training session, please.

New jersey grade school wrestling league home facebook. Points of emphasis at the end of select lessons you will need to successfully complete the quiz before you can continue to the next lesson. Wrestling is broken into 3 periods with the possibility of overtimes. Understanding the rules and moves of wrestling can help you enjoy watching the sport, and help you make a decision about whether or not to participate or have your child participate. Also check out my ebook, wrestling thugs of killimore high school. New measurer training sessions will be conducted in august 2020. Optional junior highmiddle school interscholastic wrestling competition a junior highmiddle school, in cooperation with other junior highmiddle schools, may conduct interscholastic wrestling competition using the following criteria. The national federation of state high school associations is the only source of official high school interpretations. Check out rule 6, section 6, articles 1 thru 5 on pages 32 and 33 of the nfhs wrestling rules book 2015 2016. Wrestling is continuing, as allowed by current rule, and points for escapes, reversals, etc. Honor weighins for nonschool day, dual meet wrestling matches are not. Making the call wvmat the west virginia wrestling page. The state of high school wrestling the nfhs wrestling rules committee is very concerned about the participation decline in high school wrestling. Our head coach forgot to order the 201718 rules book, but we got this poster in the mail.

Wrestling is the sixthmost popular sport for boys at the high school level with 259,688 participants, according to the 200708 nfhs high school athletics participation survey. Wrestling, like all other sports, obeys rules that constitute the rule of the game and define its practice, the aim of which is to pin the opponent or to win by scoring more points. The nfhs has released the wrestling rule changes for the winter, 201415 season with the press release included in the link above. The blue book is a supplement to the nfhs rules book, case book and manual, and all other mhsaa approved printed materials and interpretations. I know that this is the ncaa forum, and that this belongs in the high school forum, but this forum has much more traffic and will likely get answered quicker here. Make sure your behaviors meet the values of our program, whether its at school or home, in season or out of season. Illinois wrestler inspires others in comeback from injury. Wrestlers shall wear light heelless wrestling shoes, reaching above the ankles. Nfhs 1819 rule changes high school wrestling themat. Visit each team dressing room to at the start of the rule for clarification.

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