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Travel in the tardis with clips dating back to the doctor s first incarnation in 1963, all the way through dozens of regenerations. In this weeks adventure, team tardis were whisked to a future where humans struggled to find work due to a widespread preference for robotic employees. David tennant s final words as the tenth doctor were echoed in the sentiments of many viewers. David tennants last doctor who video diary clip youtube. This set is indeed a bargain, all 4 series and the the last 5 specials. Finally, if youre in the us, your best legal option is amazon prim. David tennant viva blackpool, harry potter steps into the role of the doctor, now his 10th incarnation. David tennant is catherine tates new english teacher. Below is a complete list of the 10th doctor adventures. Every few years, the doctor on doctor who gets a serious facelift, dying so they can be reborn iin the guise of a new actor.

Click on each episode to find out more information, including cast and production team credits, synopsis, facts, merchandise information, as. The complete david tennant collection is definitely an. Top 10 tenth doctor david tennant moments rocking up in converse and sporting sticky up hair, david tennant s tenth doctor is a tv icon. Sadly this series of doctor who hasnt been patchy so much as utterly forgettable, with the exception of a few episodes.

Deadwater fell writer daisy coulam talks to about the key moments from the final episode of david tennant s channel 4 drama. The involvement of the doctor and an alien threat in the volcanic eruption that destroys pompeii is a great scenario and this episode. The role that david tennant is perhaps best known for is that of the doctor in the bbc wales sci fi series doctor who. As of 1 march 2020, 861 episodes of doctor who have aired, concluding the twelfth series. The companions in the regular series had all been in the lead companion role previously. In the christmas special, australian actress and singer kylie minogue starred as onetime companion astrid peth, who died during the events of the episode.

Journeys end is the first doctor who episode to receive this rank. David tennant, perhaps the most popular actor to play the immortal, timetraveling adventurer known as the doctor since doctor whos revival in 2005, has returned to the role that made him an international superstar for a short video. David tennant returns as the tenth doctor with jenny youtube. As a contribute to garry russells film for when he was leaving for australia, david tennant and wife georgia moffett reprised their roles as the doctor and jenny for a very special video.

And since im the kind of person who enjoys taking something he loves and analyzing the heck out of it, preferably in list format, i thought id share with you all my top 10 doctor who episodes featuring david tennant. Doctor who episode guide for the tenth doctor david. The tenth doctor is an incarnation of the doctor, the protagonist of the bbc science fiction television programme doctor who, who is played by david tennant in three series as well as nine specials. The end of time is a twopart story of the british science fiction television series doctor who. Tv series doctor who season 2 is available for free on. Also appearing in the video is georgia tennant, david s wife, who famously appeared as the doctor s daughter, jenny, in the episode appropriately titled the. The end of time part one was broadcast on bbc1 from 6pm until 7pm on christmas day in the uk and on 26th december in the us. Doctor who the fires of pompeii tv episode 2008 imdb. Russell t davies writes a prequel to doctor who rose. Doctor who at the proms david tennant regenerates into matt smith.

Even though david tennant really brings doctor who alive i have to admit that the story lines are pretty repetitive i mean seriously. The krillitanes aliens with a mixandmatch physiology are trying to crack the godmaker, a paradigm to give them ultimate power. Including behindthescenes footage, exclusive videos and our very own show doctor who. The episode was the mostviewed programme of the week. Review, synopsis, cast and pictures for every david tennant doctor who episode. In the episodes conclusion, as has happened before, the doctor regenerates and becomes a. In the final two part episode we get a glimpse into the last days of gallifrey as the doctor faces the master once more and the doctor takes on donna nobles grandfather wilfred as his companion. David tennant full list of movies and tv shows in theaters, in production and upcoming films. Thus far, two of my favorite doctors have been david tennant and matt.

These last episodes with david tennant in are just amazing just like all the other series with him in them. Im currently watching doctor who, season 4, and my girlfriend and i want to watch the david tennant regeneration together feeeelss, so which episode does it occur. The 20082010 specials of the british science fiction television programme doctor who are five. Its fair to say that last years doctor who christmas special had rather a lot to do, with twice upon a time functioning as peter capaldis final farewell to the twelfth doctor, an. Heres where to watch doctor who episodes before the bbc show leaves for hbo max. Often considered one of scotlands greatest actors, david tennant was born david john mcdonald in west lothian, scotland, to essdale. David tennant harry potter movies emerges as the regenerated doctor who in the second season of this updated scifi classic. For 10th doctor david tennant, the end is nigh, with saturdays tvmovie, the waters of mars, airing on space at 9 p. David tennant today admitted that filming his final scenes for doctor who had been very emotional and revealed what his final lines in the lead role will be tennant also admitted he was. David joined the show in 2005 as the tenth incarnation of the time lord and went on to achieve global success with the part. Top 10 doctor who episodes featuring david tennant. Planet of the dead 2009 dvd david tennant began his victory lap as the tenth doctor with this engaging special episode of doctor who, one of four from 2009 that brought his tenure as the time lord to a close, and the first to be shot in hd. Here tennant brings us to a new emotional place in a special two part episode where the doctor temporarily becomes human, utterly unaware of his past and his identity as a time lord to hide in.

The brief clip sees an animated logo appear on screen along with the words coming. And if it has episodes prior to the regeneration, which contain vital parts to the story line, which episodes are they. Doctor who the day of the doctor tv episode 20 imdb. David tennant looks back at his heartbreaking doctor who. David tennant list of movies and tv shows tv guide. Doctor who drops first trailer for spinoff time lord. David tennant is reportedly negotiating to star in a doctor who movie. These specials marked david tennants final run of episodes as the tenth doctor and. Deadwater fell writer explains ending to david tennant drama. After the 9th doctor had absorbed the energy from the time vortex, it forced him to regenerate into the tenth doctor, as played by david tennant.

Series 3 of doctor who continues the adventures of the tenth doctor david tennant with companion martha jones and the first season without rose tyler. Last blood on amazon prime, sylvester stallones last word on his infamous character. Now you know exactly where to download all episodes of doctor who season 2. Following on from the phenomenal success of the first series, the second series is full of more thrills, more laughs, more heartbreak and some terrifying new aliens and old acquaintances.

Christopher eccleston the dr decided shortly after the first episode was aired that he would not do a second series so the last episode features a famous time lord regeneration phase at the very end, the dr for the 2006 series emerges as none other than david tennant mentioned as the caretakers voice in this listing and recently seen in. Last time i was overseas, it was the post david tennant years that were available. I had very high expectations, especially given that it was both the 50th anniversary episode and was promoted as including the 10th doctor. Where can i download the full season 1 of doctor who. It is also the last doctor who story written and produced by russell t davies, who shepherded the series return to british television in 2005 and.

I have been watching doctor who on netflix and at the end of season 4 the doctor was david tennant, and on the next episode start of season 5 there is a new doctor. The 10 best david tennant episodes of doctor who gamespew. Not nearly as emotional as series 4, the david tennant specials are our final chance to watch the tenth doctor in action. As far as i know, this clip from david s last doctor who video diary, is not available anywhere else. The tenth doctor regenerates david tennant to matt smith. True love seres 1 episode 1 david tennant, billie piper, david morrissey. Rewatching david tennants doctor who finale reminded me. The david tennant specials full episode available from all 1. This includes one television movie and multiple specials, and encompasses 295 stories over 38 seasons. With david tennant, billie piper, noel clarke, anthony head. Click on each episode to find out more information. I just love the reality, and the raw emotion in this.

Expect revealing conversation, surprise stories and lots of laughs as david chats to the likes of whoopi goldberg, olivia colman, jon hamm, michael sheen. So if youre living in north america and still need to get all of david tennant s episodes or even most of them then doctor who. The following is a list of performances by the scottish actor and voice actor david tennant. Blink is an episode which not only stands out for doctor who, but also as one of the best pieces of television i have ever watched. Believe it or not, doctor who fans, but this year marks the 10year anniversary of david tennant s last episodes as the tenth doctor before ten regenerated into eleven on screen. Doctor who has dropped the first trailer for spinoff time lord victorious with an epic nod to david tennant. Starring david tennant and catherine tate as the doctor and donna noble.

Beginning of the end for doctor whos david tennant the star. John barrowman silas carson david tennant nicholas briggs billie piper. Additionally, four charity specials and two animated serials have also been aired. He played the doctor in four special episodes in 2009, before his final episode aired on 1 january 2010, where he was replaced by the eleventh doctor, portrayed. As with previous incarnations of the doctor, the character has also appeared in other doctor who spinoffs. Where to stream doctor who before it moves to hbo max. David tennant returns to doctor who for special video. It marks the final regular appearance of david tennant as the tenth doctor and introduces. In this weeks doctor who podcast, we take a look back at criticallyacclaimed twoparter human naturethe family of blood, which saw david tennant s time lord transform himself. Doctor who online episode guide the tenth doctor episodes. This episode features the first full episode appearance of david tennant as the tenth doctor and is also the first specially produced doctor who christmas special in the programmes history.

I managed to wait until the following monday after this episode aired, so i could watch it in a movie theater in 3d. The complete second series repackagedvd can rose trust a man with a new face. They are using children as a computer, and only the doctor. As many fans can tell you, the david tennant seasons offer a lot of great, fun episodes of the modern version of doctor who. The fourth series marked david tennant s third and final full series as the doctor, although he continued in the role for the 20082010 specials. Lords of shadow fans should download the demo for holmgang. It marks the final regular appearance of david tennant as the tenth doctor and introduces matt smith as the 11th doctor. David tennant s final two episodes of doctor who were aired around christmas new year. The dialogue, story, setting and action is all really good and david tennant matches tate with another great performance. In which episode does the 10th doctor david tennant. David tennant completed filming doctor who on wednesday 20th may 2009.

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